Lentil Pasta

I have been searching for a lower-carbohydrate alternative to traditional pasta. Traditionally, pasta is made with semolina (durum wheat flour) and so has a fairly high carbohydrate content. After trying several alternatives to wheat flour I have settled on red lentils. Of all the lentil varieties, red lentils have a the best flavor and make the best pasta, I think.

I start by making lentil flour. I take a one-pound bag of lentils and pour about half into a blender, where the lentils are ground into coarse particles. The lentil particles are then ground into flour using a Mockmill, a wonderful, reasonably-priced grain mill which attaches to any KitchenAid stand mixer. The Mockmill grinds the lentil particles into a flour suitable for pasta.

Making the pasta dough is simple. Crack a large egg (Italian: uovo, pronounced WAH-vo) into a large mixing bowl. Mix the egg white and yolk with a fork. Add lentil flour little by little until you have a very dry, stiff dough.

The next step is to form the noodles. My preference is to use an inexpensive handheld pasta extruder such as this.